You Need To Know Ways To Inspect And Maintain Your Gloves

The work environment contains many kinds of risks that can harm your hands, whether exposed to chemical spills, injuries or burns. In order to minimize risk, workers must use hand protectors like neoprene gloves when working in environments with potential hazards that result in a hand injury.

However, you need to understand, not all hand protectors can provide the right protection for any potential hazard so it is very important for workers to carry out risk assessments on each type of work and choose gloves that provide special protection. It’s not only limited to selection and use, but workers are also responsible for checking and treating gloves regularly and it must be scheduled.

Why are routine inspections and proper maintenance of gloves important?

This is very important to make sure that every glove you use is always clean, free of contamination, and remains maximal in resisting the effects of the danger.

The improper treatment causes the quality of the glove to decrease as well.

Therefore, OSHA states that personal protective equipment (PPE) must be properly maintained to ensure its condition is always safe and maximum in resisting the effects of the danger. Gloves included must be checked regularly before being used every day. Gloves must also be checked immediately after an incident that might cause damage to the glove has occurred. Maintenance for gloves that include storage and cleaning must be done properly.

Safety gloves Inspection and Care

Hand Protection Check Guide

Every worker is advised to carry out routine inspection or inspection of gloves every day before use. Always check your gloves to identify these problems:



Physical damage to the outside or in gloves.

Heat damage.

Loss of flexibility.

The loss of elasticity or gloves feels loose and uncomfortable when used.

Safety Gloves Maintenance

There are a number of things you should pay attention to in cleaning or washing gloves, including:

Use a mild detergent, without bleach and softener to maintain the durability of the gloves.

Avoid washing gloves using a washing machine or by using dry clean techniques – washing techniques without water and using solvent chemicals instead of water to wash them. Washing techniques depend on the manufacturer’s recommended hand protection instructions.

Use warm water, cold water, or normal temperature water to wash gloves, and it’s depending on the type of glove material. Avoid drying gloves using a clothes dryer unless if it is recommended by the manufacturer.

Wash gloves separately with other PPE, so there won’t be any potential risk of damaging the gloves or other PPEs.

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